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Seed Life Skills Curriculum and Classroom Materials

This is where you’ll find our curriculum materials, which are available for download for use in your classrooms. In addition we provide a classroom workbook both as a PDF, or available for purchase as a printed copy. We’ve also created a series of videos to highlight these topics. Lastly, we also have a series of posters and other classroom materials available for download.

We encourage experiential learning as we see how it bring concepts to life beyond the classroom. We believe that environmental education must underpin consumer sciences education as we build our own sustainable future. We ♥ teachers! And we believe that investing in teachers is our best way of investing in students.

We encourage and celebrate diversity, and do not allow for discrimination in our materials or programs.

Curriculum materials download

There are 20 Merit badges that students can earn that are loosely grouped into 5 “clusters” of knowledge: Food Foundations, Food Sciences & Systems, Money Matters, Citizenship, and Life Design. Each of these clusters can be downloaded after registering with us.

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Modern Life Survival Guide

We've produced a workbook filled with classroom exercises and teaching material. You can download the workbook as a PDF, and now you can have one printed and delivered to your door.

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Print Your Own Badges

You can download this PDF and print out your own merit badges on standard-format sticker sheets.

Sticker Sheet Badges Merit Badge Flyer


We’ve created a series of videos highlighting topics that are important to us. Here you’ll find videos about sustainable living, kitchen skills, shopping skills, and other life skills.

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Classroom Posters

Download these free posters and other classroom materials to get you started.

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